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New images for Xen & KVM, Touchpoint updates

We’ve refreshed our OS images for Xen VPS customers. These all-new images should be rolled out across our systems very shortly:

  • CentOS 5.10
  • CentOS 6
  • Debian 6
  • Debian 7.6
  • Fedora 20
  • Scientific Linux 6.5
  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • Ubuntu 14.04

Additionally, we’ve rolled out Ubuntu 14.04 to our wider range of images available on our SSD-powered KVM platform.

All of these images are now also available through our online order wizard following today’s Touchpoint updates.

As part of today’s rollout, we’ve also updated our ordering system so your template is automatically deployed to your server when your order is placed. Enjoy!

DevOps announces inclusive server monitoring for customers

I’ll be first to admit that we’ve missed a trick for some time on our Virtual Private Server and Managed Hosting platforms. Whilst we have always had a really robust control panel, until recently, we haven’t considered implementing a way of you managing server monitoring for our own services in it. Until now, we have preferred to refer customers to other providers far more specialised at this sort of thing in comparison to us, but one common suggestion has always been that we offer at least a basic ping/HTTP monitor checking service to customers who don’t have advanced monitoring needs.

So, we have worked hard on part of our new infrastructure in our backup facility over the past month, and will soon be taking the wraps off something very exciting indeed. We will soon launch a basic server monitoring service in our Control Panel so you can receive inclusive server checks on your vividWire services. For the moment, customers with our VPS, Managed Hosting, E-Commerce Hosting and Application Hosting options will be able to enjoy this feature. We will send alerts by email, although we’re looking at ways of sending you SMS alerts as well.

We will run this service through our backup facility in Germany, all checks will be off-site, enabling you to check external connectivity to your server outside of our London Data Centre network. It’ll also be tied in closely to our new backup server infrastructure which will launch soon. This should give you a backup check in addition to your existing monitoring provider’s service if you have one, and will hopefully save customers money. It should also help you verify uptime statistics for services provided by us.

Is there anything else you want to see from us? Let us know in the comments or send in a ticket and we’ll do our best to meet your expectations.

New: instant setup SSL certificates, lower SSL prices

We’re pleased to announce we are now offering SSL certificates with immediate provisioning through Touchpoint, our online ordering and billing system. We’ve also lowered our SSL pricing considerably to account for the fact that we are now offering certificates on a self-provisioning basis. This is thanks to our new partnership with GlobalSign, a world-class, established SSL vendor.

GlobalSign Authorised Partner

Our partnership with GlobalSign means that we’re able to offer our customers – and, indeed, people who don’t host with vividWire – concessionary rates on certificates. We’re confident that with their backing, we’ll be able to continue delivering great value, quality SSL certificates to customers going forwards.

Now for the exciting news – our new, lower SSL prices. SSL certificate rates have now been reduced as follows, effective immediately:

  • Basic SSL (Domain Validated SSL, no warranty, low assurance): £40 £30, instant setup
  • Standard SSL (Domain Validated SSL with $10k warranty, medium assurance): £90, instant setup
  • Wildcard SSL (Domain Validated SSL, no warranty, low assurance): £110, instant setup
  • Business SSL (Organisation Validated SSL, $1.25m warranty, high assurance – for E-Commerce customers): £150, instant provisioning, 3-4 working days to approve
  • Enterprise SSL (Organisation Validated SSL, green bar, $1.5m warranty, highest assurance): £550, instant provisioning, 3-4 working days to approve

You can view more information and buy certificates online here. If you have any questions about our new offering, please take a look at our SSL page, or contact our friendly sales team.

We’ve got some really exciting news on domain registration pricing and features coming over the next few days, so keep your eye on this blog for more news. Onwards and upwards!

We now accept credit & debit cards!

Great news! You can now use the following cards when paying invoices or ordering web hosting services from us:

  • Visa Debit, Visa Electron & Visa Credit
  • MasterCard (including Maestro and MasterCard Debit)
  • American Express

Most notably, we offer American Express to our business customers: all too often, this as an option, but we’ve worked hard to put this in place for you.

The security of your personal information is always of great consideration to us, so we’ve partnered with a leading processing company to securely handle our credit and debit card transactions. You can now buy services using your card with confidence through Touchpoint, our secure billing and ordering system.

To switch to credit or debit card payments in future, you simply need to cancel your existing payment subscription if you have one and enter the details when you manually pay your next invoice in Touchpoint.

If you have any questions, feel free to start a ticket with our friendly Accounts team.

Status: IPv6 Rollout to production services

We are continuing our IPv6 rollout to production services used by our business. Presently, IPv6 is available to all customers – either automatically upon signup, or upon request – but we are working to widen its use within our own infrastructure. Over the next few days, we will enable the following services for IPv6:

  • Corporate website
  • Touchpoint
  • VMcontrol
  • Backup Control Panel (Backups over IPv6 coming shortly)
  • Internal corporate services

Please note that as this change goes live, we may need to issue further updates to the system configurations for servers powering the above services. All IPv6-enabled services are currently being provisioned on a dual-stack basis, and this will proceed for the significant future. As this change is new and significant for us, please be patient as we get things up to speed.

If you have any questions, please email support.